Does My Business Need a Marketing Consultant?


Has marketing become too complicated a task for you to handle yourself while you also run your business? Does your business require a clear strategy with both short and long term goals? Do you plan on expanding into new markets but aren’t sure how to go about it? Lastly, do you want to improve the loyalty of your existing customers while gaining more? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, chances are, your business needs to hire a marketing consultant.


What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is an outside business professional who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. We’re talking about experts with years of experience in the industry. Today’s innovative consultants have the capacity to design entire marketing strategies from start to finish.

Therefore, when businesses hire consultants, they are hiring them for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • Devising a detailed marketing plan
  • Designing a marketing brand message
  • Developing strategies to better hone in on the target audience
  • Identifying the ‘right’ marketing mix to get the message across

In other words, marketing consultants have the expertise to help you develop strategies that focus on the core of your business. And in that, these strategies will focus on the particular services or products your business offers.

Exceptional Marketing Plans = Campaigns with a Purpose and Process

Once the marketing firm launces the campaign, consultants will also monitor and measure that campaign to ensure results. Though no one can guarantee successful results, professional consultants will make any necessary adjustments along the process. Our goal is to always ensure that businesses get the most effective and positive results possible from their marketing efforts.

Since consultants also have heightened skills and knowledge concerning consumer behavior patterns, we design strategies with purposeful results throughout the entire marketing process.

Does My Business Need a Marketing Consultant?

The main reason to hire marketing professionals is that they’ll usually have a knowledge-base and skill set that your resource pool doesn’t.  This is especially true if you own a small business or a startup. In such cases, it’s always useful to hire a consultant and ensure that you get your business off to the best start.

Once you realize that you need a consultant, you’ll probably already have specific goals in mind. Fortunately, the consultant can help you achieve those goals. So, why risk doing something yourself when you know someone else can strategize and help you do it better?

Helping Businesses of All Sizes

Hiring a consultant might seem like a heavy investment. But, the truth is, a good outsourcing partner can save your company anywhere from 10 – 30% in your overall marketing spending. The benefits are endless and make the savings on your investment worthwhile in comparison to hiring a staff member or doing it yourself. When you add it all up, consultants actually make an impact on your profitability. This is relevant news, especially for small businesses looking to grow. And with their expertise in the field, consultants are much more likely to help you execute a successful marketing campaign.

Large businesses can also benefit from hiring a consultant, although many will already have a dedicated marketing department. Yet, should they struggle in certain specialty areas, like content marketing or social media marketing, they’ll hire a consultant to come and help resolve the issues.

Free SEO Analysis with Scardello and Associates

Whether you are a small business struggling with expanding a consumer base, or a multi-million-dollar enterprise looking to achieve a particular target, a marketing consultant can add much value to your marketing function.

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